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First, I have to honest with you all, I have been a terrible advent calendar buyer. I didn’t open my first Diamine Inkvent calendar until the following July. And last year’s Inkvent calendar? It’s still in the packaging. I feel like I was intimidated by needing to swatch and sample 24 inks in the month of December on top of doing our annual Inkmas posts?

So, this year, I decided to go a different route and I purchased the Cult Pens Japanese Stationery Advent Calendar. Thanks to a great exchange rate, the Advent calendar was only about $85USD plus shipping (or order over $135USD and receive free shipping). Each box inside the Stationery Advent Calendar includes a Japanese stationery product ranging from pens, erasers, markers, etc. It felt a lot lower stakes for me. Like a true treat everyday in December. And in the midst of all the holiday madness, a little treat is just what I think I’ll need.

I’m not going to spoil the surprise for you (or me) by opening any of the boxes ahead of schedule but I will try to remember to post the contents on Instagram as the boxes are opened. But look how cute the interior is?!?!

Each box is numbered and randomly placed in the outer box so I’ll have to hunt around to find the box that corresponds with the date on the calendar. I’ve never wanted to December to get here as much as I do right now!

The December 24th box is larger and I am such a kid that I keep shaking it trying to figure out what’s inside.

Cult Pens also offers an Around The World Stationery Advent Calendar for the same price but it features products from around the globe (EU, UK, etc.). There is still time left to order an Advent calendar for yourself or someone you know. My kit took about two weeks to arrive.

Did you purchase an Advent calendar? If so, which one?

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  1. If you really can’t stand the not knowing, cult pens has blog postings with the content of the box. No, I will not provide I link. It’s available thru the product pages of the various advent boxes.

    1. I saw that I could peek and chose not to do so. But now that it is in my hands, curiosity is getting the better of me. Hurry up, December 1 and get here already!

  2. No pen related advent calendars but I did pick up the Davids tea tea advent this year. Heccin love tea, tea and pens and knitting 12/10 evening for me

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