Notebook Review: Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5, Metallic Edition

Back in January when I went on a bit of a notebook binge, I picked up a Leuchtturm 1917 Hardcover Notebook Metallic Edition (A5 size, dot grid, $26.00). Honestly the notebook was just plain pretty. And, to my knowledge, I haven’t ever tried a Leuchtturm notebook.

The Leuchtturm 1917 Metallic is a hardcover notebook in A5 size available in Gold, Silver or Copper. I opted for silver. The cover is textured, almost giving it a faux fabric feel, and it’s a bit sparkly, though I don’t see any actual glitter. Inside, the notebook is full of 125 pages of 80gsm paper in dot grid (totally my jam). It also has 2 pages for a table of contents, two silver ribbon bookmarks, an expandable pocket at the back, and an elastic closure.

If I’m being 100% honest, it mostly looks and feels like another notebook that I really love: my well loved and slightly worn Rhodia Goalbook. Both are A5, and feature about the same number of pages, the extras (bookmarks, pockets and elastic). The Rhodia is a softcover whereas this Leuchtturm edition is hardcover, but the weight between the two is virtually the same.

The biggest difference I noticed between the two has to be the paper.

The Leuchtturm paper is a slightly different weight (80gsm vs Rhodia’s 90gsm), but the primary thing I noticed is that it’s toothier, more textured. Rhodia’s paper is super smooth, almost like it’s coated. So as I wrote I noticed that my ink went down on the paper differently. Whereas the ink sort of sits on top of the Rhodia coating and takes a short time to dry, the Leuchtturm paper sort of absorbs the ink a bit more. There’s no feathering or bleeding, and dry time is quicker; it’s just a very different texture.

Do I like it better than my Rhodia? I don’t know! I can definitely feel the difference when I touch the paper, and as I write, but I don’t know which one I prefer. Have you tried both? What do you think?

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  1. I wish the Leuchtturm came in white-white, but otherwise it’s my preferred daily notebook. Good paper, and the hardcover means it holds up better than a softcover. The Rhodia paper is lovely, but the dry time can be an issue.

  2. I’ve really wanted to love the Leuchtturm notebooks, but the standard ones with 80GSM paper I have had a really hard time with bleeding and ghosting. About once a year, I get inspired to try one of the notebooks to see if anything has changed, or to try to convince myself that I had a bad experience. But I’ve been through a few now and unless they advertise a change, I won’t buy another. Now the 120GSM edition – I have tried those and LOVE them. I’ll put up with the extra weight and bulk for that experience!

  3. I have tried both, my personal style is for wetter pens, nibs and inks, and Leuchtturm is definitely more ghosty and bleeding than my Rhodia Webbie A5. So I stick w Rhodia.

  4. I carried several silver 1917s over the years at work. I liked they paper but also the way it matched my silver MacBook.

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