Rickshaw Bags: Yuki Cat Collection

The Yuki Cat Collection is absolutely my favorite surface design print that I’ve ever seen from Rickshaw. I love to collect bags and cases for my pens and traveling tools.  I ran (not walked) to get the Banzai Bag ($89). Okay, I made a friend RUN for it but still… usually I have a little more self-control but CATS! After a couple weeks of carrying it regularly, I decided I also needed the Sinclair Model R Pen Case ($59). The surface design pattern is 100% me so of course I needed a matched set, right?

Above are a couple of my favorite images on the fabric. Those toe beans!!! The cat on this bag looks just like our Pepper.

Pepper the cat
See? Pepper looks just like the the Yuki Cat on the print. And he’s just as derpy.

The Yuki Cat Banzai Bag is my first Rickshaw Banzai Bag. I don’t know why I waited so long to get one. The medium, boxy shape accommodates lots of notebooks and other squarish objects that I carry with me on a daily basis. It’s not large enough for a laptop but will hold my 10.5” iPad as well as very comfortably holding my B6 planner in its leather cover. A5 notebooks would also fit into the Banzai Bag.

I love the double zips on the zippered sections (one opens the main compartment and one opens the slash pocket on the back side of the bag). The double-ended zippers mean, regardless of whether you are left or right handed, the zips can be placed where it is most convenient when wearing the bag or when it is stationary (Look! Correct spelling for the use case!).

The interior of the bag is a bright yellow which matches the cats’ eyes and makes it much easier to see the contents inside the bag. While a black interior hides a lot of dirt and grime, it also hides the contents which is a drag. (Note to self!)

The rear pocket is a bit too narrow to hold my 10.5″ iPad and zip closed but it will fit inside the bag and close properly. Sticking out like this is fine for driving back and forth to work or going from the airport lobby to the flight. It’s secure as in it won’t fall out but its not secure from a pickpocket. (Note to self. Again.)

My keys and earbuds fit into the outside slash pocket for quick access.

Inside are a divided pocket on one side and a slash pocket on the other. The rest of the bag is open space for all your stuff.

All the contents of the Banzai bag

The Sinclair Model R Pen Case was a must-have because who doesn’t need matchy-matchy? It has all the same features of the Sinclair case but the plush lining is the same bright yellow as the Banzai bag. If you’re not familiar with the Sinclair, it was originally designed and produced by Nock Co. When Nock Co shuttered operations, they worked with Rickshaw to redevelop it under the Rickshaw brand. So now, the Sinclair is readily available and in a myriad of fabric colors and designs, including Yuki Cat. Life is good!

The Sinclair has three pen slots on one side and an open slash pocket on the other. I use the open pocket for various tools like a small ruler, a bone folder and mechanical pencil. The pen slots are used for various fountain pens.

The open area between the pockets can hold some mobile phones (mine is an iPhone 11). The outside slash pocket is also big enough to hold some phones or a card (credit card, hotel room key, couple bucks cash, business cards, etc).

I have one other Rickshaw bag — the small/medium Soho Tote (starts at $89). I thought visually comparing the size might be helpful for anyone who might own one or the other. The Banzai is a couple inches smaller in each direction. Because of the gusseted shape, it is a little more structured. Both bags — when they are full, they’re full and it’s hard to fit even one more item into it. So, if you are someone who sometimes needs to carry a few things and sometimes needs to carry everything, including the kitchen sink, these bags might not be large enough to accommodate.

But for day-to-day carry, for personal items, the Banzai and Sinclair are perfect. What’s your favorite print pattern?

DISCLAIMER: Some items included in this review were provided free of charge by JetPens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I’d love to know more about that Girl Scouts pouch that was inside the Banzai bag!

    Excellent overview! A quick question – does the banzai bag only have the small tote handles or does it come with a shoulder strap as well?

    Thank you!

      1. Thanks for letting me know! I realised it was pictured with one, but wasn’t sure if it was included.

        They’re SO cute & I love all my Rickshaw stuff.

        (sorry for the double reply, I thought I was replying in the thread but clearly wasn’t)

  2. Love a Banzai! My fave can’t be used for a Banzai. Inktopus Ghost!

    I recently picked up a Sinclair in Mt Fuji Crane.

  3. Thanks for letting me know! I realised it was pictured with one, but wasn’t sure if it was included.

    They’re SO cute & I love all my Rickshaw stuff.

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